Fruit of Her Hands Foundation

Empowering Women, Blessing Humanity

We are a non-denominational women’s charity that holds networking seminars and outreach programmes to empower the less fortunate and guide them on a better path. We provide financial, emotional and spiritual support to the needy and destitute both in the UK and throughout Africa and Asia. We provide materials, volunteers and management support to a number of outreach programmes in developing countries, spreading hope around the world.

We work with a number of vulnerable groups, providing support, assistance and guidance in all areas of life. Our goal is to allow each person to live a healthier, safer and happier life.

We can always use some support in our outreach endeavours. Whether you’d like to give of your time or make a monetary donation, we appreciate all help.

Vulnerable Children & Orphans

Our mission is to support vulnerable children and orphans who are homeless. These children have no access to food, clothes, schooling and other necessities. Many of them are unable to attend school due to lack of transport, uniforms, money for school fees, and other resources. On top of this, most of these children’s basic health-care needs are not being met. Our outreach missions supply food, money, clothes and educational support to vulnerable children throughout Africa and Asia. We hope to provide them with the resources they need to be happy, healthy, and well in body, mind and spirit.

Women’s Empowerment

We hold regular women’s empowerment seminars and workshops where we teach young girls and women about business strategies and practices for success, as well as provide advice on planning and starting a new business. We offer motivation and support to help empower these women to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. Several women have begun successful businesses as a result of our seminars.

Widows & Older Women

We provide support, advice, and guidance to widows and older women who have no family or social network to support them. Around the world, widows are treated with discrimination, injustice and neglect. We hope to help them overcome their challenges through empowerment seminars, counselling and instruction on how to cope with their hardships. Our outreach efforts are focused on developing countries throughout Africa and Asia, as well as in our local communities throughout the UK.

Medical Outreach Programmes

Many developing countries have a massive need for qualified medical professionals. Our outreach programmes are targeted at providing medical resources, knowledge and expert assistance to individuals with limited access to basic healthcare. Our outreach work involves volunteer medical practitioners who offer their time and expertise in developing nations around the world.

Friendship & Support for the Elderly

We provide support and friendship for older adults throughout the UK. Our vision is that all older people should be given respect and treated with dignity. We hope to help elderly people live fulfilling lives and engage with their communities. Our network of volunteers provides support services for all elderly people, including offering help with daily tasks like taking medication and eating, or just stopping by for a friendly chat. We hope to improve the lives of all elderly people within our community through serving their emotional, social and spiritual needs.

Prison Outreach in the UK & Africa

Our prison outreach programmes are designed to inspire, educate and help incarcerated men, women and young people to follow a better path. Through holding workshops, meetings and seminars for offenders, we hope to change their lives for the better. We also offer support to inmates once they leave prison, to encourage them to continue to live their best lives.

Your support in any form is greatly appreciated.
We accept donations of money, clothing and food.
We also welcome all volunteers.


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